Now that you have graduated or are about to graduate, do you need some help in deciding on your next step?  You may want to embark on further study, specialising in an area that really suits you or you may want to start applying for jobs and Denise can help you in making these important decisions.

Denise provides the following services to graduates: –

  • Complete career guidance service which includes career interview, psychometric assessments and detailed feedback. This is suitable for graduates who may want to change direction but are unsure of what they will be good at and will enjoy as a career.
  • Cover Letter Preparation: Guidance for this most important first contact with an employer.
  • CV clinic: New CV preparation or overhaul of an existing CV.  Expert advice on structure and format.  Guidance on tailoring your CV to a particular job description.
  • Interview Preparation:  Pre-interview preparation/Common interview questions/Job-specific questions/Common pitfalls and other useful advice.